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Putin: Venezuela is one of Russia's most important partners

AVN.- President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, emphasized on Thursday the importance of Venezuela as a strategic partner for the development of the Eurasian nation.

"Before we discuss global energy matters, I would like to note that Venezuela is not only a good friend, but also a very close partner, one of our leading partners in Latin America. Therefore, I am very happy to have this opportunity to discuss our bilateral relations as well, including both current matters and major large-scale projects," said Putin during a meeting held this Thursday with Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, in Moscow.

During the meeting held in Novo-Ogaryovo, the residence of the Russian President, the two leaders discussed the current state of global oil market and agree on implementation of joint actions to tackle slump in oil prices.

They also ratified their intention to continue to deepen energy cooperation between Caracas and Moscow, and assessed the development of bilateral projects.

Venezuela and Russia have strengthened a deep relationship of cooperation and Maduro's visit has allowed to address the present global circumstances being experienced by oil countries, due to the policy pursued by the United States, which increased production of shale oil to oversupply the market and cause low oil prices affecting the economy of Russia, Venezuela and Iran who oppose its hegemonic interests.

Shale is a type of unconventional oil that requires the implementation of an aggressive process known as "fracking" to fracture the rocks and achieve the extraction of oil and gas, causing an adverse environmental impact.

Given this scenario, the Venezuelan leader undertook an international tour to propose and exchange ideas with both OPEC countries (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria), and with those who are not part of this group, which included Russia, to define a joint strategy to balance oil prices, which have experienced a decline of 40% since June 2014.

This visit allowed "to discuss issues related to our bilateral relations and to the stabilization of our natural resources," President Maduro said at the meeting with his Russian counterpart, according to the Twitter account of the Presidential Press office @PresidencialVen.

"We also come to reaffirm our solidarity, our support to the Russian people and all our confidence in their ability to work and to be able to cope with these circumstances. Venezuela will always be with Russia," said the Venezuelan leader quoted by Presidential Press.

The European Union and the United States are constantly attacking Russia, a nation that has advocated for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine since November 2013.

Global geopolitics

Cooperation between Venezuela and Russia in the energy sector is vital for the development of the world economy.

Venezuela has the world's largest certified oil reserves, since it has 298,400 million barrels, representing 18% of world oil, while Russia has 80,000 million barrels, which is 4.8% of international reserves.

Also, the Eurasian nation is a leading producer of crude by extracting an average of 10 million barrels, while Venezuela maintains an extraction average of 3 million barrels a day.

Thus, both countries produce 13 million barrels, which constitutes 18% of world production.

Venezuela announced partnership with Qatar for agricultural development

Caracas, 12 Ene. AVN.- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro today announced the creation of an alliance with Qatar to boost a special project for agricultural production development of both nations.

Speaking by telephone with Telesur network, after meeting with the emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, at Doha's government palace, the Venezuelan president explained: "We have strengthened ties of cooperation which will open up the way for economic, investment, tourism and cultural exchange. Qatar has a special fund to invest in food production. So we will jointly develop the productive forces and the transfer of technology to produce food for the Venezuelan market."

He added that "Commander Chavez had already proposed this productive agricultural development to the emir (Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani), years ago."

"As you know, these countries are in the desert, so they import many foods. We will develop the agricultural sector, production of Venezuelan quality. The emir will appoint in the coming days a commission to bring the project to fruition," he said.

Maduro said "we are building a route of export with quality products to this region. They are very interested in this."

He also announced the opening of direct flights from Venezuela to Doha, capital of Qatar, to extend the tourist flow between the two nations: "The Doha-Caracas flight will open roads for economic, tourism and cultural exchange between our nations."

The Venezuelan leader arrived Sunday at Doha International Airport as part of his working trip to nations of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to promote joint actions to strengthen this bloc and restore balance in the oil market.

President Maduro came to this country from Saudi Arabia, where he held meetings with Prince Muqrin Bin Abdulaziz, vice heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; with Saudi Minister of Petroleum Affairs, Ali Al-Naiml, and with Prince Turki Bin Abdullah, Governor of Riyadh, capital of the kingdom.

Agreements during Maduro's trip to strengthen Venezuela's economy

Caracas, 12 Ene. AVN.- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro described on Monday as successful results achieved in the international trip to promote the development of Venezuela through strategic cooperation with sister nations.

Speaking by telephone with Telesur network, Maduro spoke highly of the achievements Venezuela has accomplished during this tour, especially the new public transport fleet to be introduced in the country with support from China as well as the construction of 1,500 schools throughout the country.

"Among achievements in China (there are) more than 20 billion dollars in investment for our economy, new projects for our drivers, (building of) school cities," he added.

President explained that Venezuela signed with Iran, a cooperation agreement consisting of a project to build more than 20,000 homes, as well as a taxi fleet renewal.

"In Saudi Arabia we have also agreed to set up a joint committee and seek for oil, food and trade investment opportunities, and financial support in many ways," he said.

As for Qatar, Maduro spoke about the opening of direct flights from Venezuela to Doha, Qatar's capital, to expand the tourist flow between the two nations, as well as a financial alliance with banks of Qatar, "which are giving us enough oxygen to cope with falling oil prices and to have additional resources for the national budget of currency, for investment in imports the country needs, for investments in development projects."

"We are gathering several billion dollars in funding. Not only for 2015 but for 2016," said the head of state.

He added that such funding will boost the economic recovery plan, launched by the end of December 2014, to "ensure all financial resources for the development of the country, to ensure social programs, missions, great missions and the economy."

In this regard, Maduro said that Venezuela "has the strength to continue the pace of combat, strength," given the United States attempts of imperialist domination to keep the oil war against countries of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

People of Caracas show commitment to Maduro and Bolivarian Government

Caracas, 12 Ene. AVN.- In downtown Caracas, the revolutionary people reaffirmed their support on Monday to Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Government to continue promoting the development of the country.

After a rally that began in Miranda square, organized communities gathered in the Bolivar square, where, with a communique, they reaffirmed their support to the revolutionary process led by the Socialist leader, Hugo Chavez, and followed by President Maduro.

There, a representative of popular power read the document that emerged from the Municipal Council of Libertador.

In the text, the revolutionaries expressed "their full recognition and full support for the work carried out by Comrade President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro and the unquestionable success of his international trip."

"We express our support to the National Executive for taking a set of measures to stop war rumors, hoarding and speculation while making –from our modest spaces– an active contribution to the success of such measures, in legitimate exercise of our independence and all actions that are inspired by the Plan of the Nation," says the document.

In the activity, the first vice president of the National Assembly, Elvis Amoroso, said that the people will wait president's return from the international tour, to receive him with honors for "the extraordinary work he is doing as a son of Hugo Chavez."

Amoroso added that the Venezuelan people are working from different areas of the country and committed to promoting domestic production president Maduro has proposed and reject any attempt by the opposition to destabilize the country.

"Here is the people on the street telling these destabilizing sectors, telling the American empire, that Venezuelans want to work," said Amoroso from Bolivar square in Caracas, where organized popular power met to support the revolutionary process.

Amoroso said the working tour undertaken by President Maduro to the nations of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is very important to restore balance in the oil market.

Govt. to invest $ 1 billion to build new education facilities

Caracas, 13 Ene. AVN.- The first billion financed by the Government of China is meant to build the first batch of Bolivarian schools in Venezuela in the next 10 years as part of the agreements achieved during the international trip of president Nicolas Maduro, Education Minister Hector Rodriguez said on Tuesday.

"This is important, so you can see the dimensions of the visit of President Nicolas Maduro to China. (Venezuelan government) already secured the first $ 1 billion to fund these new educational complexes," minister said in statements to state media.

At the opening of primary school Hugo Chavez Education Unit in central state of Portuguesa, minister said that more details on these schools will be provided in the coming days.

He stressed that proposal of building these educational units, which will have Simoncitos, schools and high schools, emerged from the national consultation on quality education, in which more than 7 million people participated.

Rodriguez added that the goal of this effort, being conducted by the National Government, is to build the best education system, for which it is essential well-trained teachers.

"Good teachers are important in education. You can have a great school, a great laboratory, a nice computer but if you don't have a great teacher, a well-trained teacher, that makes no sense," minister added.

Last week, Rodriguez said from China construction of the first schools will begin this year and a pilot-test will be conducted to evaluate their performance in each state of the country.

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