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Maduro proposes at GECF Summit alliance to defend gas prices

Caracas, 23 Nov. AVN.- At the Third Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stressed this Monday the need to defend fair prices of the gas and its use for the region's sovereign development.

"This is an important element we want to highlight, rescue and that I have ratified in the declaration that is being passed in Tehran: the sovereign use of resources for developing our region and not only the defense of resources but ... the need for fair prices of gas," stressed the President at the Tehran summit, broadcast by state media.

He also said that there is a need to determine fair prices and a stable market for oil, which is linked to the development, use and management of gas as a fundamental natural resource.

President Maduro stressed that Venezuela has advanced through the years in the process of rescue, rediscovery and certification of its natural resources.

In the case of oil, he recalled that the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez initiated a process of rescue, recovery and sovereign use of oil "in a stage that has led us to a higher level of development and investment."

While the gas, under the hands of transnationals in previous governments, has been recovered and Venezuela has now large reserves of this resource that according to official information, puts the country in the fifth place of the world and the first in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This "has led us to significant investment alliances with companies across the world, with brothers from different regions of the planet, and this forum allows sharing of technological, scientific knowledge, but also the sovereign use of these resources for development of countries and our region," he added.


President Nicolas Maduro said that thanks to this development Venezuela has been running major projects in this area, as the definition of boundaries of joint deposits with Trinidad and Tobago.

He also said that during the Tenth Summit of Petrocaribe, held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the member countries of this integration mechanism assumed the gas energy issue as fundamental to the development of complementary objectives by 2030.

He also said that Venezuela took up the Southern Gas Pipeline project –driven by Hugo Chavez. This large pipeline is aimed at carrying all these natural resources to various countries for their energy and economic development.

Along with Iran –Maduro said– Venezuela has developed very close cooperation, brotherhood and working relationships.


Venezuela supports Bolivia's bid for 4th Gas Summit in 2017

Caracas, 23 Nov. AVN.- Venezuela's president Nicolás Maduro said Monday the Bolivarian Government supports the proposal of Bolivia's president Evo Morales to host the Fourth Gas Summit, scheduled for 2017.

"We want to give our full support to the Plurinational State of Bolivia to host the Fourth (Gas) Summit in 2017," Maduro said Monday at the Third Gas Summit, taking place in Tehran, capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He said he was confident that Bolivia "will welcome with open arms the Fourth Summit, in process of consolidation of this important organization for the development of this resource that will mark, undoubtedly, the energy supply of humanity in the coming years."

Maduro also welcomed the agreements discussed during Monday's meeting and called to fulfill the tasks within the organization "to maintain the dynamism of this forum", made up of 12 countries: Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. Iraq, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Peru and Azerbaijan have observer status.

He said he was in favour of the consolidation of energy cooperation bodies, since they allow to discuss experiences to strengthen themselves.

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, asked on Monday the organizers to host the 4th Summit Gas, scheduled for 2017.

"Indigenous movements come from the culture of dialogue, friendship, and I also want you to visit us in Bolivia to continue to share our experiences for the good of all," he said.


FitVen ended with over six billion bolivars in business intentions

Caracas, 23 Nov. AVN.- With 6,250 million bolivars in business intentions in the tourism industry, Venezuela's annual International Tourism Fair (FitVen) ended its tenth edition in the city of Cumana, Sucre state, Minister for Tourism, Marlenys Contreras, reported.

"We exceeded the expectations. We had scheduled to get 5,000 million bolivars before starting the fair and we did it, we came to 6,250 million bolivars," Contreras spoke to AVN from the FitVen, held from 19 to 22 November in Los Bordones sector, Cumana.

During the development of this event more than 300 companies participated in the business roundtables with financial institutions to establish deals, offer and demand products as well as offering goods and services.

The minister of Tourism indicated that estimates show more than 100,000 visitors, excluding the public from the closing concert, which has not yet been calculated.

In this sense, Contreras added that one of the objectives of the event was to raise awareness and sense of belonging in the people who visited the fair –a gathering that presented the tourism potential of the country: the island territory and western, eastern, central, Andean, Orinoco and plains zones.

"We wanted to get to the heart, feeling, awareness, for people to value what we have because it is a wonderful country, a multi-destination country, with natural resources and heritage but above all with human resources," said Contreras.

Tourism development

For Contreras tourism is "a development option that allows diversifying the economy", generating foreign exchange and employment opportunities.

"Tourism is a development option to diversify the economy ... tourism generates income in the development aspect such as construction, food, transport, services and infrastructure network," said Contreras.

She said that in order to increase the influx of tourists, the national government has been delivering credit to small and medium owners of tourist sites of the country. "Here we are committed that a small or medium enterprise as an inn have the right to a credit."

The 10th International Tourism Fair of Venezuela was part of the celebrations for the 500 years of Cumana, founded on November 27, 1515.

In this tenth edition, the fair featured four pavilions: the International Food Hall, Products and Services, and the Venezuela pavilion showing regions and tourist attractions of the country.


Venezuela to review US relations following espionage against PDVSA

Caracas, 19 Nov. AVN.- Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro ordered his Foreign Minister, Delcy Rodriguez to establish an urgent meeting with U.S. charge d'affaires in Venezuela, after this Wednesday a document revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) carried out spying activities against 10,000 workers of state-run oil company PDVSA for 10 years straight.

"Today US secret documents were released by NSA agents –among them Edward Snowden– revealing that the intelligence agency and the US Embassy in Caracas, for 10 years straight, were spying on privacy of 10,000 workers of oil firm PDVSA," Maduro complained in Anzoategui state.

The President explained that intelligence operations allowed the US access to profiles of the oil company workers, to know what they talked about and what information they shared via email. Besides, he emphasized that these US actions are "a violation of international law" and said this is a new attack against the Bolivarian Revolution.

Therefore, he asked the Foreign Ministry to arrange an urgent meeting on Thursday November 19 with the charge d'affaires of the US embassy, a meeting to be chaired by Foreign Minister, Delcy Rodriguez.

"The US empire, since Hugo Chavez nationalized PDVSA and transformed it into the industry of the Venezuelan homeland, has always tried to sabotage the oil industry and overthrow the Bolivarian government for them to take control, to take the oil, which is exclusively of the people of Venezuela. That's the truth," President said.

At Thursday's meeting, Venezuela will deliver a note to protest NSA spying, and shall review the relations Venezuela currently holds with that country.

"I have ordered an investigation. I have ordered Chancellor Delcy Rodriguez to initiate a review of relations with the US government because Venezuela must be respected, the working class must be respected," he said.

The president said that for years, the US has begun to spy and invade other countries as state policies: "They spy on countries of Europe, in the past they also spied on Brazil, but Venezuela will not let itself be beaten by imperialism," said Maduro, adding that in the coming days he will reveal the decisions taken regarding the case.

On the other hand, foreign minister Rodriguez described the spying activities as an aggression against Venezuela and stated that this violation of international law encourage the review of relations with the US.

"Following instructions from President Nicolas Maduro we will initiate a comprehensive review of relations with the United States," she posted to her Twitter account.

In March this year, the US government declared Venezuela as an extraordinary threat to the security of that country, an action that was condemned by all Venezuelans and by different international bodies, including the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and its 33 member countries.

Venezuela in Motion 2015, an afternoon of documentary films

Vancouver film fans will have a new opportunity, next Saturday November 21st, to take a glance at the broad spectrum of New Venezuelan Cinema during the second edition of the yearly cinematic event hosted by the Consulate General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Canada’s West Coast.

With documentary films under the limelight in this occasion, Venezuela in Motion 2015 will be held at the Vancity Theatre, Vancouver. It will feature two documentaries and a similar number of animated shorts. Admission is free, like all cultural events organized by the Bolivarian Government, and all four films include English subtitles.

Featured Films

At 2:00 pm, the first show of Venezuela in Motion 2015 will feature Verde Salvaje (Wild Green), a documentary that will take the spectators in a 75-minute journey across the impressive coastal territory of Venezuela, while following three biologists in their quest to study and protect the fascinating Chelonia Mydas or green turtle, an endangered species. These scientists lead the expedition into the wilderness and some of the territories of the green turtle, such as awe inspiring Aves Island, Los Roques and the Gulf of Venezuela. Their three different points of view show that while biodiversity in the Caribbean is remarkable it is also at risk, but a joined effort between devoted fighters and each of us can contribute to the recovery of nature. - Trailer

The documentary will be preceded by Hoy no se hace pastel de Chucho (No Stingray Pie for Dinner Tonight), by Braulio Rodríguez. In this colourful and inventive 5-minute short film animation, Félix, the fisherman, goes after Chucho, the stingray, in a thrilling underwater persecution that only comes to an end when both of them experience a sadly common and awareness-stirring incident in today’s ocean life. - Trailer

The second screening, starting at 3:40 pm, will wrap up Venezuela in Motion 2015 with El Misterio de las Lagunas, Fragmentos Andinos (The Mystery of the Lagoons, Andean Fragments), by Atahualpa Lichy. The 92-minute documentary is located in the Venezuelan Andes and depicts a captivating world within a secluded region, where magic is an everyday affair. It will bring the audience back in time through stories told by peasants whose fine sense of humor intertwine the thread that created legends by means of oral tradition, magic realism and songs, revealing their unique cultural traits and a collective consciousness. - Trailer

Before, attendants will enjoy Galus Galus, by Clarissa Duque. This short, which was listed in this year’s Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, resorts to animation and actual footage to tell the story of a man who once possessed a family and love and then turned into a shadow. Now he is doomed to rediscover the grace of daily life. Do you want to find out how? - Trailer

Join the Consulate General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Vancouver, learn about an amazing country that keeps moving forward, and enjoy outstanding film works.

All the screenings are family-friendly and completely FREE!

Everyone’s gladly invited!


Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2E8

Saturday, November 21st, starting at 2:00 pm

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