A manicure involves taking care of your hands, which requires washing, massaging with natural oils, clipping cuticles around the nails, shaping, filing, and applying polish on the nails. When comes a pedicure consists of a lot more on the feet—scrubbing the feet to remove the build-up of dead cells and massaging as well as your toenails are taken care of.


  • When getting both manicures and pedicures, the massage you give helps improve blood circulation.
  • Both cosmetic treatments help promote the healthy growth of the nails and hygiene.
  • A pedicure prevents germs from building up in the feet by scrubbing dead cells using a pumice.
  • A manicure helps keep your nails neat by shaping, filing, and removing cuticles.

Manicure Vs Pedicure Steps you need to Know

  • Cleaning the nails to remove polish using a nail remover is the first step.
  • Filing and shaping are done for all the nails, and they should try and look the same.
  • Cuticle care then follows; this is an important step and should be done gently and respectfully.
  • Exfoliation on the foot will be done, which involves applying a scrub, and after a few minutes of soaking, filing is done to remove the dead skin. It should be done carefully.
  • Massage is done using natural soothing oils that help promote blood circulation and soft skin.
  • Application of the polish is made as the final step, and then it is allowed time to dry. 

Tips to Remember

  • Apply moisturizer to your nails. This prevents you from getting hung nails from your cuticles drying and peeling.
  •  Please do not cut your cuticles forcefully, as it will result in an infection.
  • Check if your nail technician is experienced.
  • Check if the place where you are getting your manicure and pedicure is clean and the tools used. This also includes the foot bath.
  • Know the products used in your Manicure Vs Pedicure so you can tell the difference in case of an allergic reaction. 


A Manicure Vs Pedicure, which one will you go for? Knowing this and how I can quickly get a good massage, I am already planning for a pedicure. Think about the overall satisfaction of clean feet, not that you do not do it but that someone else is paying more attention to it.